Succession Planning

Make Sure Your Business Lands In The Right Hands

A successful small business can be a valuable asset to the business owner and their family. However, there are many more stakeholders in a thriving business, and as the owners and leaders age or move on to other opportunities the existing employees can continue to serve the business with a complete succession plan in place.

Succession planning is the process of developing a strategy by which the leadership, and often the ownership, of a company is transferred to a new owner or a group of employees. A good succession plan can protect the well-being of the business in the event of the death, disability or retirement of an owner or key leader. By following the succession plan the owner also has a means to turn their largest asset into a comfortable next phase of life, while also providing for their employees that feel like family.

At Genesis Financial Group we use our experience and diverse team to guide business owner clients through the world of succession planning and it is our belief that planning for a smooth owner succession can contribute to a happy and purpose-driven retirement.

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