Our Process: Investment Management

Our Process: Investment Management

At Genesis Financial Group we believe in having a plan for managing your money. By building a relationship with our clients we are able to custom build a portfolio based on what that client is striving to achieve.

We incorporate a strategy that focuses on the price of a security, because it is the ultimate determinant of supply and demand. When you cut through the red tape of investing, what moves the price of a security is supply and demand. The same forces that move produce in the supermarket move equity prices on Wall Street. This thought process gives Genesis Financial Group a focus on active investment management.

Active management involves investing in active market trends. These trends could be rooted in shifts in the economy or factors that affect specific companies.

At Genesis Financial Group active management has three distinct steps:

To begin with, our advisors work with our clients to custom build their investment portfolio. We do this by asking a simple question: what are you trying to accomplish? By matching an allocation to the goals a client has we avoid a cookie-cutter approach that could miss out on powerful market trends.

Once a portfolio is correctly allocated the next step is to monitor the invested accounts daily. By using powerful technology platforms we are able to proactively see market trends, which can help us capitalize on opportunities, or work to conserve assets during inevitable downturns.

As an investment portfolio is monitored there are times when changes will need to be made. At this point the investments should be managed as needed. Things change, and these changes can happen quickly. By having a process that is not afraid to reallocate, rebalance, or find new opportunities as necessary Genesis Financial Group strives to realize outperformance even during times the market may present difficult conditions.

We do all this under a flat fee-based on a percentage of funds managed, not a commission or transaction-based structure.

Our advisors at Genesis Financial Group believe that by custom building, monitoring, and managing a client's assets as needed we empower investors and help take the guesswork out of your financial future.